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Family Child Day Care Home and In-Home Provider Orientation

Section 1: Role of Family Home Provider, Professionalism, and Compliance 1. Introduction Welcome to part one of the family child care home and in-home provider orientation most frequently call phone provider orientation. This is a four hour course that has been broken into two two hour segment which include a series of lectures within each […]

How do you apply the skills and inviting cooperation when they have really hit someone?

Question: We deal with children coming from very challenging backgrounds. How can your skills for inviting cooperation be applied in situations where children fight with each other and swear at teachers. How does the teacher then apply the two choice options. When the action has already happened for example when a child swears that a […]

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Effect Of Bedtime Stories

1. Develops Imagination Since the knowledge of the effect of bedtime stories is huge, let’s look for something like visuals for better understanding. Visual incitement is served up through TV, IPads, iPhones, Xbox and so on. Kids once in a while get the chance to take advantage of their creative impulses except if we read […]

The Self-Less Tree Story | Kids Story | Dadi Story No.1

Today’s kids’ story is one of the best kids story you will ever read. This has been retold many times by all the dadis time and again. The story is about a self-less mango tree who falls in love with a boy and happily gives up everything he has in the end. Once, there was […]
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