Family Child Day Care Home and In-Home Provider Orientation

Family Child Day Care Home and In-Home Provider Orientation

Section 1: Role of Family Home Provider, Professionalism, and Compliance

1. Introduction

Welcome to part one of the family child care home and in-home provider orientation most frequently call phone provider orientation.

This is a four hour course that has been broken into two two hour segment which include a series of lectures within each segment although many references will be made to family child care providers throughout the score the same information applies to in-home providers as well. 

Before we get started gather some paper and a pencil throughout the session. There will be important information that you might want to write down before we get started. Let me introduce you to the course creators the content of this course was developed for the Louisiana Department of Education by Karen Powell and Effie Toliver Volunteers of America greater Baton Rouge Karen Powell served as the director of the partnership and child care division of Volunteers of America greater Baton Rouge. Karen has 11 years of experience in education developing training and new curriculum policy and infrastructure and assessments and measurements. 

Abby Toliver has more than 20 years of experience in the childcare field as she currently works for the partnerships in childcare as the training coordinator where she is responsible for the scheduling and coordination of more than 400 training workshops and network meetings annually partnerships and childcare childcare resource and referral agency in child care resource and referral agencies in each region provide training opportunities as well as one on one technical assistance to child care providers like you this map shows you the designated childcare resource and referral agency for your area of the state tried also provide you with contact information for your region Child Care Resource and referral agency. You may use the new resources button at the top right corner of the screen to download a copy of this map. Each agency is eager to provide support for your work so please do not hesitate to reach out to a.

2. Course Overview and Part 1 Objectives

We’ve got a lot to cover. Part one of the orientation is divided into three sections. The role of the family child care provider professionalism and family child care and compliance. Part two of the orientation is divided into three more section Lenya record keeping and it’s all about the children. All of this information is intended to give you a better understanding of the business of family child care help you and the children in your care 2:16. In this first part of the orientation you will gain an understanding of your role as a family child care home or in-home provider. You will gain information on setting up your child care environment. You will explore ideas on increasing your level of professionalism. You will be given the tools to help you create a Parent Handbook and you will better understand how to maintain compliance with the provider of.

3. Part 1 Pre-test

Start by assessing what you already know are true or false to each of the following question. Family childcare is typically a home based service where childcare is provided in the caregivers home. One reason parents choose family childcare is because they closely match in the child’s home environment. You do not have to have permission from parents when posting pictures of their children on the internet. Supervising young children involves being alert and responsible. It is not necessary to share policies and procedures with parents children in family childcare should be allowed to wander wherever they wish inside the home. There are professional development opportunities available to family child care providers family childcare providers are required to read understand and follow the provider agreement to receive payments from the child care assistance program for providing child care in your home. You must be registered with the Department of Children and Family Services and family child daycare home provider having more than six children in your care is allowed. If the children are related to you allowing a substitute to come in to care for the children while you are out is OK as long as they have a background check. We’ll revisit these questions at the end of this first training module to see what you’ve learned. You may have known the answer to some or none of these statements but asking you could leave this segment you’ll be an expert.

4. Part 1 Course Components

In the role of the family child care provider portion of this orientation we will define what it means to be a family child care home provider including your role and responsibility in the early learning profession and the professionalism in family child care portion of this orientation we will take a look at marketing your business decorating home from business choosing the environment for your business day setting up the environment creating policy and professional development. In the compliance portion of this orientation we will take a look at the provider directory checklist. Some of the most important regulation found in the provider agreement and reminders about the criminal background check talked equipment and first aid and CPR.

5. Introduction to Role of the Family Child Day Care Home Provider

OK let’s talk about the role of the family childcare provider. Please take a few minutes to watch a video which includes personal stories of how and why some family child care providers started their business to access the video. Click on The View resources button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

6. Role of Family Child Day Care Home Provider

As you just heard in the video a family child care home provider it’s typically a home based service where childcare is provided in the caregivers at home. We know that family child day care home is a mouthful to say and it is not how most of the time caregivers refer to themselves. So for the rest of the training module we will refer to it as family childcare and to you as a family childcare provider as most providers refer to themselves. Many parents choose to have their children cared for in a high quality family child care home because parents value the opportunity in family child care for long term relationships with a consistent caregiver and for keeping siblings together in small mixed age group. Every family child care provider. Remember high quality family child care support family and high quality family child care prepares children for school and life. The National Association of family childcare or in AFCC further describes the role of family childcare as follows. Family childcare is valued as an essential component of the early childhood education delivery system. It is viewed as an asset to all communities where families with as a family child care provider. Your job will be to offer a high quality safe and healthy place for children to learn and have fun to work closely with parents to help with children who need to understand how you can support healthy child development and to help children in your care. Get ready for success in school and life. You are a professional caregiver. You are in business as a registered family childcare provider. When you take care of other people’s children you are expected to be even more protective of these children than you might be of your own. The families you serve are your customer. Parents pay you to take good care of their children and to make sure that no harm comes to them. Your number one responsibility is to provide safe healthy nurturing and responsive settings for children. Research has provided evidence that warm loving home like setting our natural environment for children during early childhood because it offers the safety and comfort of a home and provides a consistent caregiver throughout the year. Family childcare is for child care arrangement for many parents parents choose family childcare for many reasons and being sent home and work close match to child home environment and more flexibility with hours of operation. Additionally for many working parent it is not always easy to find affordable quality child care you can provide a valuable and rewarding service for these working parents. By starting your own child care of business from home and providing competitive pricing Let’s pause and think further about what it means to be a family child care provider. Put yourself in the shoes of a parent looking for childcare. What would you look for in a child care setting. Take a minute to list everything you would want for your child in a child care setting. That would be a good fit for your child and you what answer did you add to your list. Did you say warm child great environment. How about caring responsive caregiver. Think about what parents are looking for will help you know what you need to do to be a successful family child care provider. Don’t forget your local child care resource and referral agencies can help you. Look at yourself through a parent.

7. Marketing Your Business

Now let’s talk about professionalism. Family childcare is a business. You are a professional not a babysitter. Many families select this type of care for their infants and toddlers. They may select this type of pair because they prefer the low adult to child ratio and small group size offered in family childcare. Certainly the benefits of the small group size and multi age setting are advantageous for very young children. They carry relationship bonding and attachment cultivated in a high quality family child care setting are also essential in child brain development. Consequently it’s important for you to know that you are a professional. Your choice to care for young children in your home is an important one the role that you play is critical to the development of the children in your care. You are not a baby sitter providing childcare from your home means more than caring for children. As professionals we must become savvy in business marketing to some early child care practitioner. This is exciting. For others it just plain frightening. However it doesn’t have to be and whether you are excited or frightened. You must remember that getting the word out about your business is important. Many providers have business cards and flyers make others turn to social media such as creating a Facebook page for Instagram to market their business in other news. Community outreach event or classified advertisement or word of mouth can be a very effective way of spreading the word about your business. Also be sure to call your local child care resource and referral agent. They provide referrals to parents looking for childcare. It’s important that you provide them with your most current information such as address contact information. Hours of operation of any special services you may provide and keep that information updated with your resource and referral agencies throughout the year. Your local childcare resource and referral can be key to providing parent information about the services you provide. It’s important to remember that you are continually marketing your program every step you take represent your program. Surprisingly marketing aspects can be very simple. For example the basic act of warmly greeting people in the community is the best bet in marketing. They will remember well the adult who was friendly and personal especially if you have your business cards on him when choosing business cards or flyers to advertise for your business. Make sure the writing and pictures on the card attract the eye with potential customers and parent. Choose print that is easy to read and pictures that are bright and colorful include on your card flyer or sign your family telecare name and logo address phone or fax number. Hours of operation and information that is important for your customers and then some providers also put information on the back of the card. If they have a lot of information placed on the card things to consider when choosing your advertising choose a name for your center that fits your values and ideas about family childcare. It’s your choice whether to go with a fine name or a more business like me or your family childcare. Remember it will be what people first read about your family childcare. Once you have created the card that you want to make make sure you keep them with you wherever you go so that you will be prepared to hand them out to people you meet. You may be potential customer. Pack them out at community event pediatrician’s office their neighborhood schools the local library dentist offices and real estate office. Always think of places and companies that you could lean your cards or flyers with to get the word out. Flyers and small Yahrzeit are another way to help advertise your business. Just like your card make a flyer and find bright colorful and you spot that are easy to read. As child care providers we usually have very little money to work with and we always have to be creative in how we spend our money for the best price. The most cost effective way to advertise is word of mouth. Most family child care homes are filled with children from friends and their parent family members of their parents or coworkers of their parent. If you provide quality care the word will spread and there will always be someone to. When you have one open. However as we noted before it is very common and effective. Also if you have business cards and flyers made to advertise you business. There are many different ways that you might go about creating business cards or flyers. Some local childcare resource and referral agencies providing Resource Center with computers and printers that can be used by local child care providers. If you have a printer at home you might be able to find a free online business card or flyer simply divine your advertisement and printed at home on your home computer. Business card could be made on card stock and cut neatly with a paper cutter. Office supply stores also sell playing business cards with perforated edges that you can print onto and then neatly pair apart. You might also seek help at a Kinko’s or other local printing business or use an inexpensive online printing service such a different Google online business. Research further option for online printing services. Make sure you call all of your options and compare prices before placing your order and paying any service fee. The printing business might have when deciding to advertise using any of the social media. It is a good idea to go to each site and read about the privacy setting for the site and how they go about finding out more information about your business. Most family child care providers do not advertise with social media because they are very protective of the children they care for. If you would like to use social media make sure any family already enrolled with you at that time know that you are using social media and get permission slips out from parents before taking or posting pictures of their children. If you do choose to use social media do not overwhelm yourself trying to do all of these options. Take one that you think most families you are trying to find. Are you saying if you do not want to take and post pictures of the children pictures of your environment will be just as helpful. It can give the parents an idea of your set up and whether you provide a setting they will feel comfortable leaving their children in. If you would like to use any pictures of children on social media make sure the family of children who are currently enrolled in your program are aware that you are using the social media and have the parents fill out permission first before taking or posting pictures of their children.

8. Separating Home from Business

It’s important to remember that while this is your home this is also your business during business hours care of the children is your top priority. Because it is your business as a professional you should post hours and other important policy that parents who are your customers should know because that is your business and it is the business where the safety of children is your top priority. Keep private home items out of the spaces where children will be or at least clear those items out prior to your business hours each day. Tell care of business is required to be a safe zone for children. Remember that you cannot leave the children under the supervision of any other people besides yourself not even family members. Any additional people in your home business must have passed the Department of Education criminal background check to have any contact with the children in your home or even to be present in your home. When children are present again however no one but you can assume supervision of the children. We will discuss the criminal background check policy further in a later portion of this orientation. It’s easy to stay in your pajamas or read when you are home all day but that is not considered professional to help you maintain a professional appearance. Create a daily uniform for yourself. Many providers choose to wear hospital scrubs because their comfortable are recognized as in uniform by others. They come in cheerful colors and pattern. You can create your own uniform however whatever uniform you pick. Dress both comfortably and appropriately when working with children you want to be comfortable but also presentable. A professional appearance also includes your hair so you should not wear rollers. When children arrive ready to start their day you should also look and be ready to start your day with them. Hygiene is also important. Make sure your clothes are clean that you are clean and neat and that you have fresh breath again. You want to prevent a professional of hearing every day. A professional appearance reminds you that you are a professional a professional appearance. Also remind parent and state that you are a professional. You never know who will want to set an appointment that day and you want to show everyone that you take your job seriously. In addition to parents of children enroll within your home and consultin by the state prospective parent customers might want to visit your home when you have a prospective parent visit your home. Think about how long you’ve been working with children. Your professionalism has to shine brightly in your parents your home environment your child’s environment that up the corner of your home and your ability to be organized. Display your certificate degrees and any other accomplishments that pertain to child care where parents can see and meet them. Explain why you do things the way that you do. Also consider making a philosophy statement or model to you impose based on your beliefs on how children should be taking care of not all family child care providers have a separate room that can be used as their learning stage. So make the most of the space that you have. This is essential something to think about. Your family has decided to make their home a public space. Which room or rooms will your family be most comfortable having other people in during the day. Your family should help decide which spaces can be used for childcare and which spaces will be off limits to children. If you have young children of your own in the home your children may need to learn to share their toys and say how will you prepare them for this in advance. If you will be caring for some of your own children in your business your children will need to understand that you will be giving attention to other children as well. How are you preparing them for this in advance. Choosing the best room is up to you as a family child care. You want to choose a room in your home that will have enough space for the children when sleeping area towards you. Also want to remember that you have to keep all the children needed items manageable so that they will not take over your entire home. If you use a bedroom you want to make sure that you are close to the bathroom that there is a window in the bedroom and that there is enough lighting in storage so that you will not be cramped choosing your living room is sometimes a big issue with family members that they have no place to relax and unwind after a long day of work or school. It may become an issue. Speak with your family member on how and what room or area would be best for the family childcare staff the two providers pictures have selected spaces that work best for them. One is using living room in her home. This gives her lots of more space. The other has chosen a bedroom set up. She has made the most of this base by using great doors.

9. Managing the Environment

Children are naturally active and inquisitive they can also be impulsive careless risk takers. Remember that it only takes a moment for a child to get into a situation that may easily result in an accident or injury to that child or to another child in whatever room you choose. We’re setting up your family childcare business. Remember that when a child is in your care you are responsible for supervising that child at all time be alert and responsive. Avoid lengthy phone conversations that may have you distracted know where the child is at all time children shouldn’t be allowed to wander off to restricted areas of your home. Be able to see or hear the child at all. Being near enough to the child to render immediate and provide supervision appropriate to the individual age lead capability activity and location of the child. Consequently in choosing a room. Also keep in mind in which environment you can best manage that environment through supervision. Please take a few minutes to watch a video which will show you some family child care providers talking about how they effectively handle supervision to access this video. Click on The View resources button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

10. Setting up the Environment

Having materials and supplies for children’s activities is important as you first start off your business your supplies maybe for you. However you can add to your materials by checking out thrift stores and garage sale. Your local childcare resource and referral agency may also supply some resources or training or a grant. So be sure and get involved with your local agency some common and important material and supplies that you may want to obtain our paper crayon law books and puzzles. It is also important to create a child friendly environment through the furniture and you play in the room where the children will stay. For example for safety it is important that you have a child sized table and chairs for children to use bookcases should be low so that children can easily reach their materials on them and will not be tempted to climb them and put themselves at risk. You will need a high chair for feeding younger children. Child size pigeons that are popular toys you have available to encourage imaginative play. Rugs are useful in helping to define safe. In other words to help indicate to a child where staying in and begin displays are essential tools for supporting children learning and making your space feel welcoming and engaging some common display may include alphabet and numbers. It’s tempting to cover the walls with bright beautiful in teacher chosen chart posters and photos that you always want to remember the child’s perspective. Having too much stuff on display can feel overwhelming to children. That’s especially true when it’s commercial stuff that they had no part in creating. Be sure to allow the children to post their artwork and special creation on the walls Also you might also consider posting pictures of the children. This helps them feel welcome and connected to your space. Proudly display a parent information board. Use this board to highlight the things going on for the week including the menu and planned early learning activities. This is also a good space for you to share with parents weekly menu weekly or daily plan. Early learning activities your business credentials your emergency plan your rate and payment policy. Your late pick up policy and information that parents will find helpful such as brochures on child development by sharing information with parents. You demonstrate all the reasons that they should place their trust in you. Being organized is very important. Using baskets and plastic bin helps to keep things orderly. They also make cleanup at the end of the day much easier. This helps prevent your business life from overrunning your home life. The outdoors is the very best place for toddlers and preschoolers to practice and master emerging physical skills. It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely experience and develop needed motor skills by running weaving and jumping. And children can perform other skills as well but just pushing this rain. Pulling a wagon and loving and caring movable object get outside and play a little every day. Now is a good time to take a moment and look back at what we have just discussed about marketing your business professional appearance and professional and effective environment. Think about one way you will market your home. You may want to create business cards flyers use social media community outreach classified ad or word of mouth. Don’t forget to contact your local resource and referral agency also. They too can get your name out there can parents expect to be greeted by you and your pajama. I certainly hope not. You are a professional Which room did you decide to use you want to have enough space for the children to be a sleeping area in storage. Can you think of any way he would change the face to accommodate you and the children more. Remember you can add to your stay immaterial by checking out thrift stores and garage sale.

11. Introduction to Creating Policies

Let’s talk about some additional types of thing you should consider as a professional in early child care. Can you set firm guidelines for children and adults you will need to set firm guidelines with children to keep them safe and help them learn and you will need to set firm guidelines with adults to keep the children in your care safe and to protect your business from falling out of compliance. Do you have a plan for you or your family get. You don’t want to have to come up with a plan. The moment you or your family become ill at that moment you want and need to concentrate on taking care of yourself for them. So it’s important to have a plan for serious situations before they happen. Do you have a business plan developing a business plan includes setting specific objective priorities and strategy for achieving those objectives including thinking about resources and professional development. You might want to help you achieve your objective checking your business progress get to your business plan will help ensure your business success. Here are a few more things to consider. Are you comfortable collecting money. Collecting money can be uncomfortable for some of us for your business to be successful and operate. You however will need a reliable income. Consequently it is important to have a clear and consistent schedule for collecting the enrollment fees for the children in your care. Record whether or not organization is your strongest talent. It will be important for you to keep organized records for your. Are you willing to make your business document open to public disclosure. Although rare there have been times when providers have been asked to provide copies of signage the receipt and other business related information creating policies for B and other this situation will help keep your business strong. Please take a few minutes to watch a video which talks about why you need to and how you can create and enforce policy for your business to access this video. Click on The View Resorcin button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

12. Creating Polices

Make providers think they don’t need a childcare contract or a Parent Handbook they couldn’t be more wrong. If you want parents to see you as a professional and follow your policy with the seizures you must conduct yourself professionally first that the college. And then you should also follow the policies and procedures that you set. Write them down in a Parent Handbook give a copy of The Parent Handbook to the parent prior to or at enrollment explain the policy to the parents upon enrollment and have the parent sign a contract stating they understand and agree to follow your program policy. We know that it also may be necessary to remind parents from time to time about your policy. Here are some things to think about including in your Parent Handbook hours of operation. Be clear about what your hours are and put them in writing. Do you have a cut off time for drop off. If so be sure to say that if you decide to extend your hours or offer nontraditional hours for individual family indicate this in a separate agreement in their individual contract enrollment procedures. What are your enrollment procedures. Do you require parents to visit and or stay with their children in the beginning. What paperwork or documentation do you require before the child starts. Do you have a trial period. Holiday and vacation what holidays are you closed for. Do you expect to be paid for holiday. Will you close for a vacation. When and for how long do you expect to be paid for your vacation time. What about parent vacation. Do you expect to be paid for part or all of the time when your child is not there due to her family vacation absences. What are your policies around absent. Do you expect to be notified if a child will not be in childcare for the day. If so at what point do you expect to be notified. Do you expect to be paid for absences meals the children you serve are on the child and adult program. However please remember that some children may have food allergies that require additional accommodation from the supply. Are parents responsible for supplying diapers and white cleaning or paper supply. Or do you provide some of these items for the rate and payment. Be clear on how much your rate are and what type of care and hours your rate cover. Be sure to include when and how you expect to be paid. Illness. When should the parent keep the child home. Do you require a doctor’s note in order for a child to return to child care after certain illnesses which illnesses. What are your policies for administering medication parent involvement. Do you expect parent participation in your program. Do you want parents to volunteer in your program. Do you hold individual parent conferences or group meeting. Do you have a newsletter or parent bulletin board guidance. It is very important that you discuss behavior management policies with parents and that both you and they are in agreement on how behavior will be managed. Remember you are not allowed to use any corporal punishment regardless of the parent’s beliefs about corporal punishment. The same elements from your Parent Handbook should be listed on your contract then in a shorter working that way. Here are some additional things to consider adding parties included in the childcare contract there is a contract between this should be the parent and legal guardian and the provider makes sure to include all names of parents and legal guardian and their contact information. What does the child care contract cover. For whom are you providing care. You should list the names of all the children who will be in your care. Any fee in the contract. No. The cost of care per child if you will charge any additional Feme such as late fees early drop off the supplies or materials for an insurance bean field trip thing or other things. Know which one you will charge what amount you will charge and how often you will charge those additional requirement. What do you expect parents to provide diapers and white Langit change of clothes tissues. Termination of the childcare contract what are causes for terminations what procedures are to be followed and what kind of notice will be given for termination. What if any payment you expect if notice is not given. Remember your local child care resource and referral agency can help review your care and handbook or contract with you or give them a call policies and contract. Then if you and your client. By helping you be thorough in your discussion with new parents preventing mis understanding. Showing parents that you are a professional who run they doesn’t fight program giving you a basis for taking legal action. If the parent refuses to pay you or if the parent breaks. Another important part of the contract. What is the difference between policy and a contract. A contract spelled out the formal agreement between you the provider and the parent and wouldn’t be the basis for any legal action taken by you or a parent. Your policies are usually separate documents from your contract politics. State your program philosophy and more specific details to help clarify what the expectations are for you the provider and for the family you serve. You will create policy that fit your program provide prospective families with a written copy of your contract and call. You also should go over the information Forli. Many people need to hear and read information several times before it sinks in. Be clear about your policy but also be that if the parents need into their feelings and concerns about leaving their children in your care remember that effective communication between providers and parents is key to successful childcare. As you review the document you can have the parent time and date each page to ensure they understand what is being discussed. When parents are ready to enroll their children you should give them a copy of their signed contract to keep and keep an original signed copy for your files. Some family child care providers like to review their policies and contracts with family every six months or at least once a year. If you feel that you need to make changes to your contract or to your qualifying it is helpful if you get there and at least two to four weeks notice of the change so they can plan accordingly for any changes you are making. If you’d like to see what a payment agreement contract might look like. Take a few minutes. Click on the View Resorcin link at the top right hand corner of the screen to download a simple contract.

13. Professional Development

Now let’s turn to a brief discussion of child care professional development in addition to your local resource and referral agency. There are several statewide and national program that can support your professional development within a pathway. A statewide childcare career development registry whose goal is to improve the quality of childcare in Louisiana it is designed to help child care providers receive the recognition they deserve. And participation is voluntary for family child care providers. There are also no fee for enrolling pathways permits creating a quality workforce for early childhood program by encouraging and supporting early childhood as a career and increasing the quality of programs for young children by raising the level of education for child care providers. So children in Louisiana will have quality caregivers to enroll in Louisiana pathways. Neighbors should send original copies of the enrollment form and family childcare employment verification form found at the link posted on the fly. Providers who are enrolled with pathway and who are registered with child care or child and adult care program are eligible for scholarships for college tuition. Administrative training the CTA assessment team or any athlete the accreditation the mission of the National Association of family child care for in a safe being is to promote quality child care by strengthening the profession of family child care NAAFA thing represent the prevention of family child care at the national level. As an advocate on the issues of public policy in FCC is one of the largest professional support systems for family child care and early care and education advocate. With thousands of members the focus of in-a FCC is to provide technical assistance to family child care association NAFTA thing done by promoting leadership development and promoting quality and professionalism through our accreditation process. Family child care providers and ASTC provide timely resource materials through our resource and publications health department and additional opportunity for professional development as a Child Development Associate credential for the CTA. Consider the following before making the commitment to pursue a CTA credential. You will be asked to demonstrate your competence in an early childhood education setting based on the PTA competencies statement and 13 functional areas you may apply for the CPA credential only if you hold a high school diploma or equivalent or you were a junior or senior in a high school career technical program with an Early Childhood Education concentration again. You are able to speak read and write well enough to perform the responsibilities of a CTA if you wish to receive a CTA credential. You must complete the following item. You must complete 120 hours of formal early childhood education train. You must have 480 hours of professional work experience. You are required to put together a collection of reference materials related to your work. You must be observed by a professional development specialist. Again you must take an exam at an approved testing center. Now a good time to take a moment and look back at what we have discussed so far about policies contract and professional organization. Why do you need to create a parent handbook. You need to create a parent handbook in order to make a clear statement to a parent about your expectation and what they can expect from you. List everything you will include in that handbook. You should include either such as your hours of operation enrollment procedures holidays and vacation absences. And your pay rate and payment Paul.

14. Provider Directory

Now let’s talk about combining. Are you ready. Let’s get started by now you have sent off your application to become a registered family child care provider. Let’s take a moment and review a few parts of the checklist from that application. It is very important for you to read understand and follow the provider agreement that you signed and submitted. We will discuss in detail several of the items listed in the provider agreement. It is also very important that any rate changes you make are promptly reported to the state provider directory. If you do make any rate changes you will need to recalculate the provider rate agreement form. You will also need to include your verification of your rate. It is very important that you maintain a copy of a current fire marshal inspection records at all time. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that the homie basic fire safety and sanitation standards that are required. A family child day care home. Remember that the inspection report expires after one year and it is your responsibility to renew it. Also keep in mind that being in section can take significant time to be schedule after you submit your request so you will need to plan in advance. The state fire marshal agrees to conduct an inspection within 30 days from the date of receipt of application inspections are performed Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.. Now we will review some of the items listed on the provider agreement to receive payment from the child care assistance program or speak for providing child care in your home. You must be registered with the Department of Children and Family Services as a family child daycare provider and you must follow all the regulations listed in the provider agreement. It is important to remember that failure to abide by any of the terms of this agreement will result in your disqualification from the program. Here are just some of the regulations from the provider agreement. These are areas in which family child care providers are most commonly found to be out of compliance. It is very important that you understand each of these requirements. You are prohibited by regulation from keeping more than a total of six children including any children you care for who also live in your home who are under the age of 13 for age 13 to 17 if they are disabled regardless of the children’s relationship to you as the provider. You may not live at the same residence as any of the children for whom care is being provided or share the children head of household. Mailing Address childcare can only be furnished by you. The provider identified on your provider contract and can only be provided at your home address. The address on your provider agreement the provider will permit parents to see and be with their children at all times. As mentioned earlier you are prohibited from use of any corporal punishment such as but not limited to thinking. Whipping with a switch or belt arm twisting or walking out of the child’s mouth with soap or other foul tasting substances you have on hand a statement of good health signed by a physician or his designee which must have been a pain within the past three years and must be a pain every three years thereafter for review upon request. You must participate in the state tracking of time services equipment also known as talk to pass your time and intended to operate part you must possess the minimum equipment necessary to operate the system which includes a working internet connection or landline phone. You cannot be a household designee for a child you care for that if you cannot find a child in an hour. A parent or legal guardian must do so. You are required to keep a daily attendance log for children including both arrival and departure time for each child participating in the program. Any time the time unattended for equipment talk is unavailable or not used to track the arrival and departure time of a child in care. For example if there is no current service authorization for the child care provider drop off pick up the child from school for the point of service. Device is broken designated Department staff or representative. Such as your local resource and referral will make unannounced inspections of your home business at any time during normal working hours. You must cooperate and participate fully in any such inspection. You must make your home fully accessible to the department representative. You must retain supporting physical documents such as invoices attendant logs and remittance advises for review by the state. You must retain such documents for three years after the close of the state fiscal year in which services are provided you must complete 12 hours of training in job related areas approved by the Department of Children and Family Services here. Your local resource and referral agency among others offers training that can help you meet this requirement. Contact your local resource and referral agency for help in identifying training. You must have access to email or electronic communication and you must keep this information current as the department will now be communicating information to your providers through this medium. Any action taken on your sick agreement will continue to be sent by original correspondence. However in order to stay current with any changes or departmental information the department will now be communicating electronically. After one year you will have a midpoint review. You must furnish verification of this one time orientation training at your first midpoint review or renewal orientation counts towards the 12 o’clock hour training requirement. In your first year the orientation is only required one unless the Department request that you repeat the you must have your home inspected by the Office of State Fire Marshal every year to ensure that your home meet they help and make the standard your registration must be renewed at least every two year

15. Criminal Background Checks and Other Important Information

Criminal background checks are very important for you as a provider. I think that 16 in criminal background check authorization form must be completed for each of the following people to the provider. Any adult living at your residence and any adult working in your home or on your home property while children are in your care. You will already have completed this process with your application. However remember that from time a family member may move into your home or you may plan for extended phone repair work which means that you would need to complete additional criminal background check. Again anyone living in your home or anyone working in your home or on your property. While children are in your care must have already cleared a criminal background check before being present. For your talk the equipment to be installed you will complete and sign an agreement with ATF state and local solution incorporated ACX will furnish you with a point of service P or POS and biometric finger image reader equipment and related services such as installation training repair and helpdesk support. At the time of installation you will be trained and provided one quick reference guide and one leaving in a child care provider operation manual. This reference material will be made available on the child care provider with amendments to the quick reference guide in the Louisiana child care provider operation maney will will be provided in hardcopy ACX will provide the initial supply of paper after the initial supply. You will be responsible for purchasing paper for the equipment. Atheist will then be responsible for financially reimbursing you for paid review in the equipment the amount of reimbursement is based on an algorithm of equipment usage not apply actually extended reimbursement shall be made monthly via electronic funds transfer. You must provide reasonable security measures to protect the women from damage death or unauthorized. Your agreement shall terminate immediately upon me in front of one or more of the following. You are no longer authorized under state child care assistance program or you see your business of operation and state for any reason you must report the inability for the parents or their household designee to check children in or out due to a problem with the interactive voice response system within 48 hours of failure to the atheist provider or help that the provider must also report the failure within a local of the DFS office within 48 hours of failure. A taxpayer identification number worki I mean it’s an identification number used by the Internal Revenue Service or IRS and the administration of tax laws. It is used either by the Social Security Administration or by the IRS. A social security number is issued by the Social Security administration whereas all other t i n r issued by the IRS. Why do you need one. T I N must be furnished on return statement and other tax related document. For example a number must be furnished when filing your tax return.  You should have submitted your non request for Taxpayer Identification Number and certification form to become registered and eligible to receive the payment. You will be receiving a t i in number from the government in addition to the requirement of the provider agreement that we have already discussed the provider agreement also requires that you have CPR training. This protects both the children and your care from the same harm as well as you from liability. You must furnish verification of current infant child adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification both with your application and when requested by the department or their approved representative. Like a resource and referral technical assistance special. Remember that you must be recertified in CPR training every two years. Here are some helpful phone numbers for renewing that training. You may also call your local resource and referral agency for help identifying other trained

16. Compliance Scenarios and Recap

Let’s take some time now to discuss common situation that arise in family childcare and situation in which family childcare is most often found to be out of line many times situations arise and you must know what you can and cannot do. We will go through several scenarios and help you understand the answer. Let’s begin. What if the air conditioning unit has broken in your home. You need to get a repairman to work on it. And he be in the home while you are providing care. The answer is No. Providers having visitors in their home while children are in care may be disqualified. Only person who lived in the home and for whom a clear background check had been received by the state should be present. Visitors to distract the provider from attending to the children’s needs or placed the children in danger. What is your niece’s school aged son is not feeling well and she wants to drop him off to you today. This will bring your total number of children to seven. Can she bring him. The answer is No. Providers must not exceed a total of six counts of children at all times during their hours of operation. This includes the Carbineers own children and any other children living at their providers residence who are under the age of 13 or who are ages 13 through 17. If they are disabled for example if their provider has two school age children who are attending school she cannot take in two additional children while the school aged children are at school. The school age children who will join the younger children after school let out must be included in the total enrollment count. What if you have run out of milk and you need to serve milk with lunch. Is it okay for your neighbor to watch the children while you run to the store. The answer is No. CareFirst the cap certified children can only be provided by the registered provider if the provider has an appointment or other obligations while children are in care. The provider should notify parents of her appointment or obligation so that arrangements can be made for care during that time that the provider is unavailable. Children can be transported by the provider as long as the safety standards set for the agreement are met. What if a parent or legal guardian has come to pick up their child and it is plainly recognizable that the person is under the influence of alcohol they want to take the child with them. What do you do. The answer for this situation is not as simple as the answers for the previous two. What is that we share but it is still clear that child is in your care and being in your care means that you are responsible for the safety of that child. So your decision must be based on the safety of the child. You may calmly explain to the person that you cannot allow them to take the child because they are not in any condition to care for the child or transport them without any harm coming to them. Now what if they become angry you may then call the authorities to come help you with this the individual. And after that call if possible call the other parent or guardian and inform them of the situation. By all means necessary you are to protect the children and yourself from any harm a similar situation may occur in which a person is high on drugs whether it’s marijuana the volume or drugs of any kind. And you should take the same precautions as with alcohol What if one of the children in your care is your own child and your own child suddenly become ill and you feel he or she needs immediate care from a hospital. What do you do with the other children in your care. As your provider agreements state you are the only designated and thus the only allowed provider of the children. You should call 9 1 1 for the immediate care of your child and then contact the parents of the other children so that they or someone they have listed as an emergency contact can come and get their children if you may need more assistance with the children and getting them ready to go. Call your local child care resource and referral technical assistance representative to come and help if possible. As with any emergency if you feel that there is a need to call 911. That should be your first action that you take as situations arise. You will be able to identify the severity of the situation and make plans accordingly. It is important for you to read understand and follow the provider agreement. Remember child care can only be furnished by you provide your identified on the provider hand. How many children can you keep as a family child care provider. You are prohibited by regulation from keeping more than a total of six children including any children you care for who also live in your home who are under age 13 or ages 13 through 17. If they are disabled regardless of the children’s relationship to you as the provider also your home must be infected by the Office of the state fire marshal. Every year. This ensures that your home the state health and safety standards.

17. Part 1 Post-test

Now let’s review what you’ve learned in this first training as a whole. If it’s true or false. Each of the following questions. Family childcare is typically a home based service where childcare is provided in the child home the answer is full in-home caregivers provide child care services in the child’s home whereas family childcare services are provided in the caregivers home one reason parents choose family childcare is because it closely matches the child home environment. The answer is true. Some families prefer a smaller home environment versus a child care facility. You do not have to have permission from parents when posting pictures of their children on the Internet. The answer is for. Do not ever take or post pictures of the children in your care. If you have not received written permission from parents to do them. Supervising young children involves being alert and responsible. The answer is true. Young children are by nature very active. That is exactly how they learn and grow. So it is important that you be very alert to keep children safe and very responsive so that children feel safe and happy and are thus best able to learn. It is not necessary to share policy and procedures with parent. The answer is false to be an effective and successful family child care provider. You must create and follow written policies and procedures that you have discussed with the parents of the children. Enroll in your child care business children and family childcare should be allowed to wander wherever they wish in the home. The answer is. While your home is your business it is also still your home. Decide with your family which areas will be published and which will be private and keep the children in the public space. There are professional development opportunities available to family child care providers. The answer is true. Take advantage of training and other professional development opportunity through your local child care resource and referral agency or other creditable professional organization to support your work. Family childcare providers are required to read understand and follow the provider agreement. The answer is true. If you are not following all the regulation stated in the provider agreement you will be found to have deficient and may jeopardize your business. To receive payments from the child care program for providing child care in your home you must be registered with the Department of Children and Family Services as a family child care home provider the answer is true having more than six children in your care is allowed. If the children are related to you the answer is no more than a total of six children. Maybe enroll for your care were present in your care at any time allowing the substitute to come in to care for the children while you are out there. As long as they have a background check the answer is false. Only you are through to supervise the care of the children in your home if you will need to be out. You will have to make arrangements in advance with parents for them to find substitute accommodation for their children or you will have to postpone your errand or appointment until you have no children in your care. Congratulations on completing the first segment of the family home and in-home provider orientation training. Don’t forget to ask your local resource and referral agency for help in understanding anything you’ve learned about here. Once again this map shows you the designated childcare resource and referral agency for your state. This live also provides you with contact information for your region Child Care Resource and referral agent. Remember that each agency is eager to provide support for your work. So please do not ever hesitate to reach out to the.

Section 2: Laniappe, Record-Keeping, and It's All About the Children

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