The Self-Less Tree Story | Kids Story | Dadi Story No.1

Today’s kids’ story is one of the best kids story you will ever read. This has been retold many times by all the dadis time and again. The story is about a self-less mango tree who falls in love with a boy and happily gives up everything he has in the end.

Once, there was a mango tree who loved a boy. The boy would play with her. He would climb on her trunk, sway from her branches and would retire under the shade after talking to each other for hours. The duo was inseparable.
Then one day the young boy was gone and didn’t return for many years. The tree was all alone and sad. Then one day, after 16 years the boy returned. The tree got really happy and asked the boy to do the same things as he would do in his childhood. But the boy’s demanded something else from the tree. He asked for some money from the tree.
The tree lovingly told the boy that she doesn’t have any money to give but the boy can take all the mangoes and sell them in the city and can earn some money. The boy did the same and was gone again for many years. The tree was again sad and lonely.
After another 16 years, the boy did return to her old friend. The tree was again happy. Even before she could say anything, the boy demanded a home for her wife and children. Without any hesitation, the tree offered all her branches full of mangoes happily for the boy’s new home. The boy took away all the branches and mangoes never to return again for many years. The tree was again sad and alone.

But the boy, who was now an old man did return again after another 16 years. The tree got as happy as she could be. She asked the boy to again play with her once. But the boy told he was too old to play. Instead as his friend, he would like her to help him with a boat. He wished to go to a far city with his family. Even without thinking for a while, the tree, happily, offered her only belonging, her trunk to the boy and his family and wished them happiness. The boy cut the tree and took away the trunk with him.
The tree, which was once big and green, full of mangoes was now only left a foot of stump log. It was of no use. But still, this wasn’t the reason for her sadness. She was sad because the boy hadn’t returned for so many years.
Now the tree just had lost all the hope to see the boy again although, she wanted to see her oldest friend one last time. To her amazement, One last time, again after ages, the boy did return. He was totally stout, sick and frail. He was walking with a stick. But again after seeing her boy the tree got happy and offered her to play with her. But instead, the boy told the old tree about his weak health and described that he couldn’t play. All he now wanted was just to sit and relax. The tree who couldn’t hide her happiness and offered her only remaining self to her boy to sit upon and relax. So, the boy sat and the time stood still for both of them. Both of them were quiet and just love oozed out. 
Finally, both of them were happy again.
The end. 

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